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Over 50 presentations were submitted and presented during the Conference Week from the 26th to the 29th of November, 2017. Those that have been approved for download are now available via this page.

DAY 1: Monday 27th November, 2017

Session 1: Opening
Conference Opening Hon. Faiyaz Koya
Philipp Müller Memorial Address Dr. Andrew Jones
Conference Overview Dr. Wolf Forstreuter
Session 2: Presentations
The Pacific GIS & RS Council (PGRSC) Dr. Wolf Forstreuter Download
The Pacific Geospatial and Surveying Council (PGSC) Paserio Samisoni Download
ISPRS: Serving Society with Information from Images Christopher Pearson Download
MOU Between the New Zealand Institute of Surveyors and the PGSC. An Update. Christopher Pearson Download
New Constellations, New Capabilities and Future Opportunities Peter Kinne Download
Session 3: Presentations


The European Union's Copernicus Marine Service – Applications in the field of Ocean Governance and Climate Change Adrian Nicolae Download
Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing in the cloud Ken Mathers Download
Geospatial Systems and Sharing Data Steven Ackerly Download
Information services using satellite-based remote sensing technology from Japan Tsugito Nagano Download
Session 4: Presentations


Remote sensing applications in support of coastal zone management Thomas Schroeder Download
Open Map Tool for National Disaster Management Office in Fiji Jiuta Korovulavula Download
Photogrammetry Developments at the Fiji Lands Department Viliame P. Waqa Download

DAY 2: Tuesday 28th November, 2017

Session 1: Presentations
Spatial Industries Business Association supporting Pacific Islands Initiatives Deanna Hutchinson Download
Radar, Imagery, Elevation and the Pacific Peter Kinne Download
Forest Change Analysis as Wall to Wall Mapping for Fiji REDD+ Viliame Tupua Download
Accuracy Assessment of Wall to Wall Forest Change Detection in Fiji Lanieta Rokotuiwakaya Download
GIS/RS multi-scale approach for the assessment of mangrove species composition and coverage Rocky Kaku Download
Session 2: Presentations
Improving collection and access to high-quality statistical data Phil Bright Download
Microsoft & Windows 10 Support Problems for Trimble Warren Eade Download
Using supervised learning for modeling biogeochemical parameters in New Caledonia with MODIS ocean color Guillaume Wattelez Download
Integrating GIS tools into EIA and expanding the CESMP in Projects for economic development. The case of Port Vila Urban Development (PVUDP) Williams P. Ganileo Download
Flash floods impact mapping in Pacific Island urban environment using 30cm satellite imagery Emmanuel Bouniot Download
Tectonic deformation in the South Pacific, the effect on spatial references and what GIS professionals can do about it Christopher Pearson Download
Session 3: Presentations
The assessment of burn wounds using photogrammetry Petra Helmholtz Download
Law Enforcement through Gespatial Crime DatabaseEseta Dumukuro Eseta Dumukuro Download
Transition of GIS Development and its Impact at WAF Josua Wainiqolo Download
Latest of the PARTner Project Judith Giblin Download
Session 4: Presentations
Majuro Atoll: 1-Meter Digital Elevation Model - Improving Elevation Mapping in the Pacific Maria Kottermair Download
Digital Atlas of Micronesia -- A new online-GIS standard for the Pacific Islands Maria Kottermair Download

DAY 3: Wednesday 28th November, 2017

Session 1: Presentations
Maritime Boundaries in the Pacific, the latest update Malakai Vakautawale Download
The COMETE project: use of ocean colour for bloom detection and turbidity survey around Pacific islands Cecile Dupouy Download
S-121 Maritime Boundaries Exchange Format Jonah Sullivan Download
Coastlines and coast characterization exploiting geospatial cloud computing Remi Andreoli Download
Estuarine Circulation in the Rewa River, Fiji Edward Anderson Download
Session 2: Presentations
The monitoring of Maritime Incident using remote sensing and cloud solution Rémi Andreoli Download
Maritime Boundary Project in the Region Filimoni Yaya Download
The user perspective: GIS for Marine Spatial Planning in Pacific Island Countries Philipp Gassner Download
Characterizing Chlorophyll plumes in Fiji Waters from Ocean Color Remote Sensing (OCRS) Williams P. Ganileo Download
Flash floods impact mapping in Pacific Island urban environment using 30cm satellite imagery Timoci Koliyavu Download
Developing capability with PacSAFE: An update of the tool and project Lauren Power Download
Session 3: Presentations
Radar Data Availability for Fiji Hirdeshni Gautam Download
Digital Transformation in Agriculture John Manifico Download
QGIS plugin Development Jonah Sullivan Download
Trimble Catalyst Warren Eade Download
Session 4: Presentations
WeRobotics Pacific Flying Lab Amrita Lal Download
Drone mapping of Informal Settlements in support of Census Richard Russell Download
Innovative Mapping Technologies and GIS Solutions for Environmental & Disaster Management Maung Maung Khin Download
Long endurance, autonomous deep-stall landing Drone technology Richard Russell Download

DAY 4: Thursday 29th November, 2017

Session 1: Presentations
DigitalGlobe’s next generation constellation and value-added applications Peter Kinne Download
Integrated Tsunami Risk Management in Loyalty Islands (New Caledonia) : Collaborative mapping to reduce vulnerability Le Duff Mathieu Download
Security and Emergency Management solutions Seyed Miri Download
Valorizing your data and finding out the most suitable key-turn solutions Jean Massenet Download
Monitoring applications and upcoming new Airbus-Intelligence services Seyed Miri Download
Session 2: Discussion Session
Mapping Forest Degradation Dr. Wolf Forstreuter Download
Open Source Development Sachindra Singh Download
Illegal Fisheries Monitoring Jonah Sullivan Download
UAV Application Richard Russell Download
Session 3: Presentations
Fiji Elections Office GIS Projects Viliame Vuiyanuca Download
GEE as tool for Water Resource Management Amit Singh Download
Application of Geospatial information for monitoring and spatial analysis the status of biodiversity among Fanga'uta Lagoon Catchments Savelina Pale Download
Session 4: Presentations
QBOOK MOODLE: A Year Down The Line; Progress, Challenges & Potential John Kaitu' Download
3D Modelling of USP Lower Campus using CityEngine and ArcGIS Amrita Lal Download
Assessing vulnerability using a Community Integrated Framework and Community Mapping & QGIS Viliame Folau Download
Closing of Conference Russell Howorth