Conference Opening Cocktail

Date & Time: Monday 26th November - 19:00 hours (7 PM)
Venue: USP Japan ICT Auditorium Car Park MLMR Tent
Details: A more informal welcoming cocktail event after an intense first day where participants can unwind and enjoy the open bar and finger foods.


Yaqona (Kava) Night

Date & Time: Tuesday 27th November - 19:00 hours (7 PM)
Venue: USP Bure
Details: A more traditional  where participants get the opportunity to taste and experience a bowl of yaqona, a traditional drink that is common in ceremonies around the Pacific. Be a part of this age old tradition and engage in a Talanoa session around the yaqona bowl.


Suva Bar Tour

Date & Time: Wednesday 28th November - 18:00 hours (6 PM)
Venue: Traps Bar, Victoria Parade, Suva
Details: An adventurous night out on the town, where participants are guided along Victoria Parade and all the night life has to offer in Suva. A guided tour hosted by our very own committee member volunteers. The meeting point is Traps Bar, just in time for HAPPY HOUR!
Route For The Night



Conference Closing Cocktail (Awards Night!)

Date & Time: Thursday 29th November - 19:00 hours (7 PM)
Venue: 241 Mead Road, Nabua - GEM Division, SPC
Details: Our closing event, where prizes will be handed out for the Professional Poster Compeition, and also the SIBA-GITA Spatial Excellence Awards (Pacific Category). Join us for some lively music, cold drinks and great company as we unwind and relax from the hectic week of presentations as the famous Talanoa Bar will be open at Mead Road. WARNING: Workshops will be held on Friday (30th November).


Talanoa Bar 

Date & Time: Friday 30th November - 4PM
Venue: 241 Mead Road, Nabua - GEM Division, SPC
Details: Its FRIDAY! Come celebrate the end of workshops, and all formal activities again here at the Talanoa Bar, at SPC - because its 5pm somewhere.


Sandbank Picnic

Date & Time: Saturday 1st December, 11 AM
Venue: Royal Suva Yatch Club, WaluBay
Details: Lets go to the beach! Not any beach, but sandbank! What better way to get a "Blue Lagoon" type of feeling when we we're going to Suva's famous Sandbank! Drinks, food, sand and sea! A perfect Saturday day out in the sun to get you that Fiji conference tan your co-workers will ask you about! Please register your interest to go for logistics with Carrol or Lanieta.